1. S

    HUGE sketchbook dump (slight nudity)

    Lots of studies here, its all about learning! I try to do as many studies as possible these days, not only does it broaden my knowledge but it makes it easier for me to get more confidence in my linework. I haven't done nearly enough stuff from imagination I'd like to, I really feel like I have...
  2. Pieter Paul Rubens

    Sketchbook (warning: contains mild nudity)

    I made this during the period of october 2006 untill now, I'll post them in correct order from old to new. There is mild nudity in there, and I hope the mods will allow this artistic nudity and won't see it as perverted or porn, so please, so keep your replies mature and clean. Study of...
  3. S

    Sample of recent sketchbook D:

    Well, these are a few pages of my most recent sketchbook, I have lots more but on a lot of the pages there are quite a few "nude" figures which means Im not allowed to post them. Some are quite old and smudged, or incomplete, I was intending on using another page too but I had such a chore...
  4. Diablos

    Some random stuff from my sketchbook.

    College has been over for me now for about 2 weeks so untill september i've got loads of time to mill around and look at my stuff. Today i decided to sift through my work done over the last year and i found one of my older, more "fun" sketchbooks. I scanned the pics in for a friend but i decided...
  5. S

    Sketchbook dump

    well, ive been doing a lot in my sketchbook lately, especially at school, and ive selected a few pages to show people for now, they're messy, and not great scans, but they are just sketches so im not too bothered: this is a concept for a guy for Desert sun, the comic is still in damn...