1. Gama

    New sketch thread

    just wondering if anyone has any new sketches since the esf forums went down, i would of asked in the old one but was 2 lazy to look for it but anyways, I havent really drawn anything since i left college this was the last sketch i did:
  2. Ishuzo Kaisen

    It's a sketch! Check it out.

    Hey, guess wat! I did a drawing! YAY! I got bored and did a little sketch. Hope u like it! C&C please.
  3. ShadyD

    Sketch Thread? ;0 (big pics!)

    First post in Artwork forums, ^^! Got em? post em! :D meh ill start messed up the right pose meet Henk :P and finally its BOB! Oh yeah!! (i dont suck at making up names =(. )
  4. S

    Sketch Thread 2006

    These aren't that great but heres some stuff I've been drawing past couple days. Post your sketches too!!!! scanner broke on this one, so it has poor light source values, gonna have to re do it.
  5. J

    a sketch ive been CGing

    wewt... did a sketch the other day, then sketched it some more in photoshop, and im now CGing it... any crits?
  6. Almighty_Gir

    a sketch ive been CGing

    wewt... did a sketch the other day, then sketched it some more in photoshop, and im now CGing it... any crits?
  7. MrMasj

    Naruto inspired sketch

    Did have some sparetime so I did draw this. give crits so i know what I need to improve.
  8. )V(-=Vaelaar=-

    Just a Random Sketch...

    Vegeta Sketch Yeah, nothing special here. Not intended for any future use in particular, so keep crits to a reasonable level. Any and all are welcome though, comments included. I'm sure you can figure out who it is... :S
  9. Valeska

    Fast Sketch

    fast Sketch of my own signature, sniper wolf
  10. stiffdog

    elvis sketch

    hey is the porportions in this one right? took about an hour on it. heres drawing plus a reference:
  11. T

    Fusion sketch

    This is a sketch of what i might put in the background of the gotenks I drew earlier. Any critz?
  12. Synth

    Zabuza sketch

    Just some rough Zabuza sketch I've been working on from time to time lately, finally finished it :) Imagine his expression is great anxiety, as he looks towards the sky and drops his shoulders. /me traps the forum in a hydro-prison what do ya think?
  13. I

    15 Minute Sketch

    Its just a rough draft, I got a new scanner so I was itching to use it. So i got into drawing things. This one is Gohan, but I'm working on other things besides dbz.
  14. B

    5 min sketch

    ehm 5 min sketch + coloring did this when i was bored yesterday evening, i grabbed a lil notebooklet (like with the yellow paper and the sticky strip to paste it on a fridge etc) and a black ink ballpoint and sketched some stuff and came out with this its for my dod clan (sigh)...
  15. R

    Remember this? Teh olde one Teh new one Things I know I need to fix: -Walls look like sunburned skin cells -Skulk's hind feet are too wide IMO -More OCs!! -Do the Skulk's mouth...
  16. TimTheEnchantor

    Tim's Drawing Thread

    Alright some of these images I need to redo, but these were from the year 2000 and dbz pics were back in 6th-8th I'll upload them, I will reupload some of these, I had to take pics using a digi cam so the alignment on some is bad..especially the mecha, because...
  17. GoJita

    Pic i drew check it out some d00d i drew from hitman 2 and yes i know he headless im fixing that i just use a number 2 pencil and i drew it sketchy
  18. G

    As promised another piece of my work....

    Alrighty here it is, my personal favorite character, Gohan! This was a speed sketch so I spent like 10 minutes on it, oh well tell me what ya think (Copy and paste)
  19. N

    New night fox...

    As you all can see this is still a based sketch I didn't think about what he should look like so much as the crits i got..:fight: LOL.. the crits hurt but i like honesty thanks all! BTW...This is only the fist sketch of the new night fox look.. so please be gental... *PLEASE!!*:\
  20. D

    Black Dog serenade

    I don't think I ever posted the finished pic but here it is. VERY VERY dirty, been sitting in my sketch pad for well... ever. I'll have some more stuff and post it here.