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    Goku SJJ4

    Can someone give me 1 video step with step to watch whow to transfor in ssj4 plz!!!
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    ECX RC2 goku SJJ4 trans

    Sorry people for posting this i think its not allowed but i cant find any good sites to find help esf-world is offline and i have no choice. :( So this is the thing, i installed esf1.2.3 and then ecx rc1 and ecx rc2 with a BigPack 8.4 but i watched those videos on youtube how to transform...
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    I have heard of servers that if u type +ssj4 in consol u transform into ssj4 does anyone no of this?
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    Sjj4 Vegeta Edited & now is being skined

    hi everyone killer was telling me he was making a mod so i desided to help a little. ;) also credits to the esf team. ;)
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