1. M

    Don't Sit Up Straight

    According to Yahoo! News, there was a study done on different postures and how they affect the spine. It was concluded that sitting completely straight (90 degrees) for an extended period of time, places a strain upon your spine and can prove to be problematic in the future. They've also...
  2. L

    place for mods

    hay everyone sry i know ur pissed cuz of all these postes made by me but got idea i was wondering if all of u good modelers like nuttzy,slander,and dawg ect. (not sure if all of them model just they know all about it so) u can make ur own site on aol home town for free and dont even have to have...
  3. C

    i found ssj4trunks model u can find it @ the bottom of models/skins
  4. Ã

    look wat i am makeing

    tell me if u like
  5. S

    wheres blue sayjin site

    where is that bluesayjin site??!?!?!
  6. S

    ToOn G0Ku!

    credits -Goku- Model: Vassago Skin: Vassago i made this edit a while back and i thought i would post some pics ^_^ sorry for the bad pic its the host (any one wanna help me find a new one?) yes he is cell shded but u cant really tel by the bad pic crits are welcome but dont spame...
  7. P

    Comments on my site layout plz

    Ok, a couple of things I want you to keep in mind before making comments: -I wanted this site to be fast loadable for everyone (56k users too). -Wanted to keep the site to the point not only about the layout but also for the info itself. The link to the site is 56k...
  8. Q

    New Art Site

    Lately I'v been working on a new art site that I am putting together. Its basically going to be a site for me and whoever else wants to be on staff to pimp our artwork and whatever else. Most of the site isnt up yet but so far I have a very good forum up and soon I will also put an image upload...
  9. TehMuffinMan

    some quick funky models :S

    anyways, i was bored and did some more models... end of story... pics?... ook... deamon: as you see, i did a little skin for it too.. hmm... you want another??? last time.. master roshi: hmm... i dunno what to do with these models...they just sit here.:S any ideas?
  10. N

    Red Mystic Gohan

    Well here is a Red Mytsic Gohan model that i have gotten fomr Epedmic Optikz made by azn
  11. D

    can somebody help?

    I wanted to know where to download a freeza sitting in that chair that floating chair the very FIRST transformation, and Cyborg Freeza
  12. Skinnerfool

    sumthing went wrong with milkshape

    when i download milkshape and i never used it before i tryed to make the incredble fighting candyand when i save tells me this This version has expired! You can not save your work anymore! Please register at to re-able saving!
  13. Optional


    hey, im Optional of TriForce mod (www.heyiwasjustsayinwhereiwasfrom><.net) im working on a map called trif_ocean, ontop of the sand will be water... dont say anything about R_SPEEDS cause its under 800 when looking at whole map :P
  14. R


    Hey guys, it's me again. The other thread I made my wallpapers never showed up because of stupid is down. Now, Look at it here and tell me what you guys think! *edit* if it doesnt show up sorry had to do it on geocities *gah..* right click and show picture. It will show
  15. Z

    wariors of destiny

    hy im making a game and want some modlers animators for it info: the game is mostly going to be a rpg style game with quests and stuff its a dbz game but the chars look a litle difrent and going to have another name (so funamation cant suw us hehe) its goig to be a stand alone based on the...
  16. Logan4434

    my new site

    well for all those people complaining about me having no more working links to my models,i got a new site and uploaded them(theres even some new ones)so have fun.DONT BLOW MY BANDWIDTH FOOLS!!!!;( edit*my god am i stupidO_o heres the link
  17. Vengaurd

    GSF clansite

    today i took a trip to the GSF clan website. there i saw a section entitled 'Sprites' i thought to myself "hey, i bet i could see what other authers do in there sprites, i should check it out, maby submit some of my work..." i was soarly dissapointed when i clicked on the link the only thing...
  18. G

    Gohan sound pack

    I downloaded, before a adult gohan sound pack, and then i deleted esf and re-insatalled it. just now i downloaded a saiya man mdl, but he still has the kid voice. ive been looking for the sound pack but i cant find it! plez post it here
  19. S

    Compile model

    How do i compile my model
  20. K

    Help With Bg!!!!

    I am making a bg, and i know it sucks, i am tryin to make BG's but it hard to learn. But it is missing something. I can't put my finger on it. Any suggestions?