1. M

    Fu Sion HA!!!! LOL

    Is it possible to fuse with Bots i mean i am goku and i want to fuse with a vegeta BOT. Is it possible if yes tell me how detailed plz. I'd love vegetto or gogeta
  2. R

    Sion Barzahd

    A character from a old ps2 game called the bouncer.
  3. Marauder

    1337 trunks!

    well, my friend sended me a trunks model with REALLY ****ty Skin, so i took it and made it 1337 ^^ no credit again, cause i dont know who the hell made the model and the original skin taht i used and edited O_o...well, i think i did a good job ^^ here they are: crtz :?
  4. T

    USSJ Pack

    EDIT RELEASED!! lookie i need a host...
  5. TimTheEnchantor

    Wires 1234.

    This is a picture showing that technology may take over our lives and the old ways of humanity(the writing) is being erased away.. Stats: Dimension of 1024x768. File size: 267kb.
  6. VorteX

    animated GIF

    how do i show animated .GIF files? i have them on a web page but when i post them they dont move.. how do u get them to move?