1. finalblast

    SSJ3 Goku - Singing Animation

    Well this is what,I animated and made a vid.Credits go to esforces for making the model! :smile: CLICK TO WATCH! Please Comment And Rate! :rolleyes:
  2. Vegeta's Briefs

    (singing) Getting to know you!

    Meow (I'm tempted to hit the "submit new thread" button right now). Okay, just for us people, tell a little about yourself. Like, these simple questions I'm about to ask (ahhhh!!!). Hair color?: Brown Eye color?: It depends on what shirt I'm wearing. It's also natural, not caused by...
  3. Vegeta's Briefs

    Vegeta Singing

    Hey, does anyone have a clip of Vegeta singing? I know he did it once because my cousin sent me the wave, but I deleted it on accident. I want it back, so does anyone have it?
  4. GLOsticks R Us

    YATTA-GLO is back! YATTA!

    Hey peeps of the forums, GLO is back and with the FORUM MISFITS and a funny japanese boy band video singing their new hit "YATTA!" Anyways check both of them out and tell meh what ya think, and um.... YATTA! :shocked: -"GLO"
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