1. dan_esf_fanatic

    Steam vs. WON in simplicity!

    Okay, I bet that a lot of you are very confused by this, so I will explain. Which do you think is simpler? Steam or WON? I choose WON, since it's much easier to install esf with it, all you do is install Half-Life, install esf into it, and enter the cd key. But Steam on the other hand, you...
  2. ace005


    I didn't have the chance to post my darkness sig, so here it is The new competition theme is minimalicity...I tried to make it look as minimal and cool as i can.. here it is.. PLEASE C&C on BOTH thank you
  3. E

    some more simplicity and faye

    c&c plz :smile:
  4. E

    simplicity x 10

  5. Soulicro

    Screw Simplicity

    In light of the new simple-sig craze, I have decided to make an extra-busy sig. how do you like it?
  6. Saiga


    Hey guys, I had a go at making myself a sig that was simple, yet attractive at the same time. Blue being my favourite colour (arm in arm with purple) this is what I came up with; Comments?
  7. E

    Simplicity Took this during my photography class, really liked it and wanted to show it to you guys.
  8. TimTheEnchantor

    The White Series wallpapers..

    Alright, these wallpapers are very plain, I cutout the images, and used a vector image to allow it to become a wallpaper. Fairly basic, if your not into white-white backgrounds, then you wont like this "series". On my website I have 2 other resolutions other than 1600x1200, i have 800x600...
  9. E


    Mn WallPaper quick abstract. Too much Animal Planet.
  10. D

    Black hole wallpaper

    I just started using photoshop afew months ago but don't use it that often so my skills aren't that good. Here is a wallpaper I just made. Tell me what you think of it. Try it on your desktop, it may look better... p.s - what do you think of my sig?
  11. ultrassj_vegeta

    new wp without crap

    kk.. i took out the pics now... just a simple wallpaper.. tell me wat u ppls think....
  12. suicidal_maniac

    How you like my new sig?

    How do you like my new sig? I know its not fantastic but im just lookin for some comments to help improve my skills and my sig. *edit*And if you have any good Hyper Sonic pics PM me. Hes liike the most unpopular character in the world!!!
  13. P


    ok, 1st ryoko wallpaper, what do you think, its abit simple, but whatever