1. sub

    A moment of silence

    Let's have a moment of silence for Skys deceased cat.
  2. sub

    Eternal Silence [Awesome free mod, you have no excuse to not try it]

    The next version of this mod is going to be released at around 4 pacific over Steam today (Friday the 6th). It's an HL2 space combat mod and it is absolutely awesome. Everyone needs to give it a shot. It reminds me of space combat in battlestar galactica or star wars. Just be warned it has a...
  3. Shinja

    When Silence Makes You Incapable Of Speech
  4. Phatslugga

    A moment of silence...

    Well, I'm not sure if anyone else noticed, but it seems that S.O.S is dead. I checked there website a few days ago, and today it's still down. I hate to see a mod with so much potential come to an end, and even though I had differences with the community there, I'm sad to see it go. With DMZ at...
  5. Death The Jedi

    Silence Means Everything

    I made my first photo manip.. inspired by TimTheEnchantor and by the song "Ghost Man On Third" by Taking back sunday.. how do you guys think it looks?
  6. |Da|K|

    new sig critz plz

    Hey how u all like my new siggy????!?!?! i love it!!! i think its awsome!:yes: :yes: :p
  7. DiebytheSword

    A moment of silence for Lane Staley

    Lane Staley of Alice in Chains was found dead today in his home. At the age of 34, he was arguably the best singer of the 90's. May he rest in peace.
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