1. M

    Russia Signs Treaties

  2. Sicron

    501 Signs you are overexcited about ESF 1.3

    Well...because these forums can use a game of some kind...I tought I would make the famous..."Signs" game...or "501 things to do..." whatever you want to call it... You are over excited when... 1...You start asking people in you class..."When does ESF 1.3 come out?" 2...You keep smashing...
  3. H

    Text keep changing to Signs like this ][][[][][

    Any of you guys and gals now how to fix this problem i have downloaded the latest patch the text isnt the only thing wrong when someone melle attacks me everything disapears i had this before i downloaded the patch. but i had downloaded the mod before and didnt have this problem. Please help...
  4. W

    Teleport signs

    is there is a way that i can edit the teleport sign? i mean after u teleport u can see alot of little circles in white color can i edit them? and how?
  5. N

    What u thing of my SIGNS :D

    I just getting a little bit into Photoshop, and i maked these Signs. Tell me what you think of it! :cool: (sorry for my crappy English, i'm Dutch...) O_o
  6. GhostfaceKillah

    Erm... Indy Art: DeepBlue

    Well I was messing around and came up with this: Done completly in Photoshop. Critz/Comments please.
  7. Z


    I know i have a sig and all but only because i pasted the thing from the test so can u guys tell me how to get my own sig? or at least the thing i have to type in ...:rolleyes:
  8. Kman3252

    4 free signs

    i made 4 signs. There not to good but if anyone wants one post a reply saying which one u want and what name u want on it. !!First Come First Serve!!
  9. F

    hey guys

    dont know if this is on the topic but should be. im making a new ut2003 mod that has all the goals set, but just needs the people ..... (from modelers to coders) go here and talk on the boards with us, or me .... depends on who signs up :) .. thx Click Here
  10. S

    Shadow ace's art gallery

    I'd like you all to judge my artwork, i'd like you to name me your 3 favorite and 3 least favorite sigs. Also if you have any sig requests please send them or pm them here. thanks, and please, my threads on this topic always end up with 100's of views but no posts...
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