1. PiXel

    Random Signatur

    Havnt touched gfxing for a longer while seriuosly, my signatur may be bad, may be nice. I dont know, just lemme know what you see, heh.
  2. Z

    How do i get som glow to mig signatur?

    The subject tells evry thing how do i make som glow to tekst?
  3. Constructor

    My 1st own Sig :D

    Hi there, pls comment on my first own selfmade sig :) from 1-10 below or @
  4. Grim`


    Can somebody make me a signature plzz ? :/ Clan = dragonball nick = Goten i like Gotenks , Goten , Trunks and Gohan but teen Gohan plzz Make me 1 Thx Thx make something nice
  5. Pommy

    Show me your signature

    show your signature. this b mine. :D
  6. S

    I wanna be a modeler 2

    well maybe sounds stupid. but i want 2 be a modeler 2. but i dont ****in understand ****. what do u all need 2 be a modeler. just post some **** here thnx peace.