1. N

    siggie request

    i want to request a sig, -the theme must be devil may cry -my name in the left top corner -it must be good
  2. W

    If you give a mouse a siggie...

    And no, not a ciggarette you freaks. =P Anyway, I was wondering if any of you very very nice people would make me a sig? If its not too much trouble, I'd like something Neon Genesis Evangelion related, with the name "Wind Mage" somewhere on there, I don't care where. A focus on the Eva...
  3. X-iT_W0uN|)


    Could someone please make me a new sig this one is getting dull I would like a Majin Vegeta sig and i'f possible make it blue and my name X-iT_W0uN|) [Standing on knees begging anyone to make a sig] Maby you could use this pic in it
  4. B

    My second siggie

    hey there well this is my second sig tell me what ya think and NO FLAMING plz :rolleyes: EDIT: ITS MY SIG LOOK DOWN ;( MAN THERE | | | | | | Y Y
  5. Eider

    Made first siggie

    Yo, I've made 2 siggies this afternoon. They r my first of (hopefully) many. wot do you think about it
  6. Eider


    Hey u all, Can sbd PLS make me a decent sig? PLSSS????????? I really need 1 fine looking sig. Pls p/m meh or mail it to meh [email protected] so, maybe everybody who wants a sig to be made, can also post it here. Mine should be something like : flashy background with pictjures of...
  7. S

    new siggie

    sig i made for a friend of mine:
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