1. F

    first sigeh!

    hey im new here, and im thinkin about pickin up modeling and photoshop and all that good stuff, any way heres my first sig, thanks to the help of TRSS ^__^
  2. TRSS

    New sigeh

    new sigeh wuctha think its was kinda quick so meh, also its png so IE users, transparency in the corner is not for you =/, sorry
  3. A

    My sigeh... what do u think of it..critz

    Well what do ya think? o_o
  4. CyroTek

    ma new sigeh

    well i felt for changin ma i made one wit da ninja of MGS and also one wit a wolf....couldnt realy decide which one i shall i use em both :D critz are very welcome.... -Azrael
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