1. donnierisk

    system shutdown issue please help

    Hi there i've got a problem with my home pc. I went to a lan a few days ago then I went home and my computer worked fine for a day or two, but then suddenly i booted my pc up 2 days ago and it doesn't want to start up. Right after I log in an error message appears which says that "services.exe...
  2. T

    Beta Shutdown

    I have installled the Open Beta but when i open the game, more or less in 10 seconds it shuts down without any errors or anything. Just closes. Please help me
  3. Yazuken

    ESF shutdown?! Oh my!

    duuur dahhh. Is today april 1st?! *DARF* ;D
  4. K

    Sierra Shutdown!

    GameDaily has reported that Sierra has been shut down by parent company, Vivendi Universal Games: "The venerable games company created some of the most popular action and adventure games in the 80's. The Sierra brand will live on in name only and projects tied to the Sierra pipeline, Half-Life...
  5. X

    My WorldCraft...

    Well, I am finishing up a map and I compile it so see what it looks like in game... I see it, then want to get out to make some changes. I close the Run window then WorldCraft goes :no:. I try going back in and MS XP says it has an error or "inconvenience" as they put it with my WorldCraft...
  6. M


    when ever i add bots da game shutsdown for some reason kan anyone help me