1. M

    Compiling - HOW???

    ok ive got zhlt, and try to compile a worldcraft made map from .map into .bsp. i can start the map, but the textures arent shown right. the "texture" looks like a chess field with purple instead of white fields. a purple-black chess field. can anyone help me? i made a cool map on a...
  2. R

    Should be the last time I work on this model

    I keep telling myself I'm gunna drop this model... but since this is my second one and it's actually kinda decent i keep working on it... This is more of an art-sy picture but it shows the model in it... It's not skinned but just has some color... I need to learn how to skin next... but here it...
  3. We$$ide

    i know where to download tien

    if you want tien for esf click on this link: it works, ive got im too
  4. H

    my 5 minute ssj2 goku

  5. AscendantSaiyan

    Map Suggestion. Not an Idea.

    Could u use a previous HL or any other mods map if u extented the roof of it. It might be hard due to the rescaleing, different textures, and probally mapping stuff i dont know about WC (although i have mapped for Deus Ex with UnrealEd if u interest in see it mail me) anyways i havent...
  6. Gogeta

    n00bies, cant stand them...

    I CANT STAND YOU GUYS LIKE {CHEESE} WHO ONLY WATCH THE DAMN CARTOON NETWORK SHOWS!! THEY THINK THATS ALL THERE IS..... THERE IS MUCH MORE YOUR MISSING, swearing, gore, even some nudity!! THESE are all in the original japenese episodes. All I saying is research the info that you don't know before...