1. Yazuken

    My new mapping website!

    Hey, ive created a new website called ESP (Earth's special places) where people can download maps and submit there own to the map section, it also contains mapping tutorials and information. Check it out, tell me what you think :laff:
  2. I

    Chibi Vegeta Reskinned

    Aye mon. i made a chibi vegeta. check it out. i just thought yall would want to see someting betta than the other chibi vegeta on the forums. Check it out mon *crits* although i dont cayah cuse i didnt put effaht in it.
  3. S

    ssj2 gohan

    heres a ssj2 gohan i was workin on today. credits to s bolt for the head, smo for body, orig gohan skinner for body skin, and me for the edit. heres a pic. hope u like it, if u do ill host it.
  4. A

    Are U Able To Use These Models In The Game

    are u able to use those models in the game? i downloaded one and i dont know what to do with it.
  5. M

    this 1 for esf

    im makin a goku model for fun, so ima release it for esf only few bits left. should finish it by the end of today.
  6. DaKD

    Supreme Kai Model

    I am in the process of making a Supreme Kai model using hehe the krillin model by the esf team(bald head) and will post some previews as soon as i can. OK i finished the model and im touching up the skin. ill have some pics today when i get home and the model for DL as soon as i get some new...
  7. God Gundam

    Trunks wip

    well heres my latest, i need crits, the thumbs i have to edit so dont worry bout that, other than that, what do you guys think , oh and let me know if i should give him a sword or not
  8. [SAS]Orion

    n00 siggeh!

    I made a new sig for myself, what do you think? Also, got any ideas for what I can add to it?
  9. T

    Trunks Model

    what do you people think of the new trunks model... personally thats my favorite style of trunks, mirai trunks in movie 9 style clothing good job with the model guys