1. SA_Gohan

    New Warrior

    Hello all. I've finished a new model for Shogo, the bow warrior. He's almost done. I still need to correct some stuff with the biceps, and give him some more muscle. Please give me some helpful criticism on what I can do to improve it, especially...
  2. xstortionist

    Shogo Mods New Swords and Dagger Set.

    Well, I've sorta noticed that shogo really didn't have any weapons made or anything..exception for the one that jenny made the other night ;) So I figured since I got a sprained ankle and all that I'd make a little swords and dagger set for our they are. WIP with some of them <img...
  3. J

    Shogo Half-Life Team Interview with SS Vegeta from ESF

    We interviewed outstanding modeler, SS Vegeta. Interview created by the Shogo Team, With Supporters Flagrun and Planet Half life:
  4. J

    Shogo Mod: Ninja Model

    We made the ninja model now. Its all ready for skinning now: (Model By: Xstortionist On the shogo team)
  5. J

    Shogo Web Site...

    ...Seeing my post with the new model for the mod in the model section was closed (even though it said under the words,"Models/Skins" it also says we can show off our models or skins!!!) I am giving the site address here: - Shogo Website...
  6. J

    Shogo Mod: Shinobi Model

    The new shinobi model, Model by our new modeler, SA_Gohan: if that does'nt work, copy and paste this:
  7. J

    My model for my mod, Shogo

    Ok, this is the first player model I have ever made, And its still not done, I was want to show you it right now on what I have so far: Screen Shot (In my Dev Journall) Comments? Thankie ^_^
  8. J

    Shogo Mod Site is now up!

    Well now flagrun got us all set up, and now were giving the link. The site isent finished yet. Some links dont work yet, but the rest do, like about, faq, team, and so on. Shogo Site: Shogo Forums: Thanks again guys, and...
  9. J

    Shogo Mod: Need 2d Artists

    I need 2d artists for my Mod, Shogo: War of the Clans. I need someone(s) who can make very good graphics like Skins, Textures, or Sprites. Thank you so much people ^_^ -Jennifer O'brian P.S: E-mail me back at [email protected], or talk to me on: AIM: Baby Jenny Kitty MSN...
  10. J

    Shogo Mod

    Need modellers for my mod, Shogo: War of the clans. The site is if you intrested. Read the about page, im updateing everything so it might not load some pages. Thank you. -Jennifer O'Brian