1. Kaination

    Woot, shinobi sig, best yet.

    My best sig yet. Fear it, bishes.
  2. Kaination

    Shinobi for PS2

    Well, I just bought the game for 10 bucks, not a bad deal. I've been wanting to try this game out for some time... And its about ninjas, with a bad ass ninja character! what more oculd you want! Anyways, I'm bogged down on HW tonight so I might not get the chance to play it tonight, so before...
  3. S

    katana released!!!!

    heres the dl this is for version 2.0 with both the sheath and the sword
  4. B

    my first model and i cant under stand how to do a pic

    ok i did a model of vegeta after goku threw his small genki deme on him in dbz (sorry if someone did that already) and now i want to do a pic what do i need to do?:cry: :cry: :cry:
  5. A

    Shinobi's BACK!!!

    Thats right, me and Shijing are making Shinobi for beta 1.1 so he can use his sword. Heres his head. ANd BTW, Do you think spiderman would be a cool model. We can make his beams look like webs so he will be able to "Web" jump in 1.1 (Beamjump):laff:
  6. J

    Shogo Mod: Shinobi Model

    The new shinobi model, Model by our new modeler, SA_Gohan: if that does'nt work, copy and paste this: