1. Zeonix

    EARTHQUAKE HITS JAPAN; LIGHTS SHINING FROM BENEATH THE OCEAN So yeah, looks like it's going to be a great ******* year, gents.
  2. God Gundam


    Sneak peek at my latest project for people Heads lighter cause its the only part that has an actual AO map (just wanted to see how it turned out) on XD, rest is like that with a lighting setup i have =x
  3. I

    WIP Shining Gundam

    Sorry, not the whole gundam yet, but the head section is done! :lol: check it out: Click Image to Enlarge: Heres a pic of the unskinned gundam: Poly: 2500
  4. I

    Shining Gundam

    Its 3000 polies, un skinned, and one of my favorite gundams.
  5. S

    can anyone make me a battle dameged ultimate frieza?

    could anyone kindly enough make me a battle dameged ultimate frieza cause i think its realy cool when hes hurt and when he is form 4 and could you make him a bit stronger then he is in form 1 thnk you for youre kindnes:yes:
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