1. DJ-Ready

    Bleach, Shinigami + death = ?

    I was just wondering what happens with a shinigamis soul when he dies in soul society since ss is after all the place where the dead end up Does it just vanish or what?
  2. Jariroth

    [Manga]Bleach[Spoilers]Theory:Yuzu is a Shinigami too?

    I was just checking out these old bleach mangas... and noticed few screens that i havent noticed before. Notice the Hood on shirt(well you can't totally see its a hood, but what else could it be?) ,the legs arent covered so most likely she/he is wearing shorts or skirt. First i though it could...
  3. JTR

    Shinigami Ichigo [WIP]

    Just for practise.. Need some work at the neck.. Critz and Comments are welcome... - JTR