1. webber


    Yeah, i know, another Naruto character, but i'm trying to get better at modeling. And becouse i've got some strange reactions from some people,i need to mention that all my model, including this one, were made using the pixel by pixel method. Enough talking, time for pics: Crits and...
  2. T


    well heres my latest model, it's quite the botch up but ah well. the head probably needs to be bigger and I should really remake it :S 1700 polys crits?
  3. C

    Nara Shikamaru (3 year gap, *spoiler* on the looks) 4950 +/- Polycount. I probably could have saved some poly if I didn't add some details like I did but I prefer it this way lol. Comments please.
  4. JTR

    Shikamaru [WIP]

    I tweaked my Shikamaru a LOT! Front Smooth Old: New: Side Smooth Old: New: Front/Side Flat/Wireframe Old...
  5. darknavigator


    Uh. I think the BG is considerably flat, and I don't know what to add. I need ideas, peoples. O:! Rate if you wish.
  6. Z

    Sig Request - Shikamaru

    Well, i'm a big fan of Naruto, as it appears that most of these boards are, and naturally, i've got my own favorite character. If possible, i'd like to get a sig featuring Shikamaru. And if it fits, try to get my name on there somewhere.
  7. broli


    well here's a pose of the guy...remember, it's not skinned yet
  8. Enix

    [NTP] Shikamaru WIP

    Just started this yesterday and its almost done, just gotta do the skin and put some shoes on him^^. The basic skin layout is pretty much done. He has hair, the hair band, and two ROUND earrings. Poly count is at like 1800 or something. Here are some pics:
  9. Enix

    Animated Shikamaru Sig

    Well this one was a huge pain in the ass.all of those frames!! 93 to be exact. well it took a while but i finally got it it. well here it is: Critz Please!!
  10. darknavigator

    Shikamaru > You

    *throws confetti*