1. L

    Bug with Shield Attack

    I fuond a bug, there are several characters, who have attack shield (broly gohan 17a ect.) and if you use it and do a wall-jump ( Jump in to wall and jump to other..) your model will be bugged like this = Yes, every character with that attack has this bug, don't beleave it? test it your self :)...
  2. Killface

    Russia defeats the Missile Shield?

    I know its a bit old, but i just heard about it on TV... i dunno why so late, but nonetheless, its on TV.
  3. D

    The shield suggestion O.o

    well its been a while since ive made a suggestion... as you can figure ive been thinking of ways to enhance the shield attack The Suggestion currently the shield doesnt do ANYTHING, it absorbs weak attack but thats it you can still feel an explosion, if anything its not really a...
  4. -Blaze-

    Energy shield for everyone!

    Admin it! Lots of fighters used shield and can use if they want. Suggestion: When you click block(default Q) you start blocking, then click right mouse button to create a shield, but shield holds not too long, it takes big amount of energy.When someone spams you up with kiblasts or gen...
  5. E

    Gohan's shield PS suggestion

    Here is a small suggestion which should prevent those shield spammer n00bs... -.-" Allright. What happens when a n00b goes in shield ? You can't do nothing if you don't have higher pl and then spam his shield with beams. So I've come up with suggestion. In episode 255 in DBZ, Vegetto used...
  6. M

    ESF 1.2.x gohan`s shield sprites?

    Hello, a while ago (about a year) i posted a topic here about the gohan shield to.. i wanted to know how to apply the shield sprite but now i know better :) the shield is done with sphere.wrl whitch is in the models directory. But i still have a problem.. HOW do i give the shield a new...
  7. VeGeTTo

    Gohan's Shield : Propietis

    i vas thinking at gohans shield , when u shoot a kmhh and it ain't powerfull enought to break the shield to PS my ideea : No matter how meny kmhh (or other attakz) are shot at the shield to duel , How ? a normal PS if the Shield Wins all attakz R pushed back scattering the senders...
  8. Mccdbz5

    What Gohan's Shield Attack should have

    I think the Shield Attack isn't useful at all, here's what the Shield should be able to do. It should be able to hold you and two of your teammates in there like in the show. It should protect you from lasers and discs. It should do some more damage. Now why it should protect you from lasers...
  9. Delusional


    Lasers, and Discs can go through gohan's shield...which they really cant in the show...Plz fix this and dont put it off this time
  10. KidMan

    Instead of Shield

    So instead of Gohan using the shield I think the team should put in a new move but Im not sure as to what. As of right now shield seems pretty useless. Post what you think should be in shield's spot or post and defend the sheild.
  11. .Maze

    Turbo Shield

    Well.. I Dunno if the Idea was here already but... When you remember Movie 9 (Gohan vs. Bojack) There was a scene when Gohan was attacked by that one Peep with the Turban. That Peep shot some Arrows at him from an Big Clock and Gohan Screamed out loud and had hiw Aura showing up and Break...
  12. KilledWithStyle

    Insta Shield

    I know this will seem like a wierd idea, but please read through the whole suggestion. To those who don't know my suggestions. I always think them through and nothing is complete without reading all of this post. Information about the Shield In DBZ everyone saw people throw up "insta...
  13. M

    Gohan`s Shield.... not possible to change?

    Hey guys. I downloaded this sprite: and i axtracted it in the esf/sprites folder and it DID overwrite the original sprites including shield.spr BUT for some reason gohans shield simply stays yellow... the shield attack did...
  14. Chitenga

    KOTOR2's Lightside Ending [SPOILERS! SHIELD YOUR EYES!]

    Im gonna leave a big space for thouse that have not won the game: Now, i won kotor2...
  15. E

    Changing the Gohan shield?

    Gohan's shield absorbs Ki attacks, save for some things, and explosions. I was thinking, maybe instead of having his shield absorb the attack, the shield struggles with the beam? Like, maybe Gohan can have beam struggles using his shield. Someone sends a Kamehameha at him, and he brings up...
  16. N

    Cell's shield

    Cell should get his shield when he reaches his perfect form. The charge bar appears and it represents the shield size. You hold the mouse button to make it grow and the right mouse button makes it disappear.
  17. Darkside


    Shield used by Aile Strike Gundam, modelled and skinned by me
  18. |::Z::| Cloud

    SWEET Aegis Shield

    Here is the finished aegis shield i modelled (Darkside skinned it and helped to delete some hidden faces) hope ya like it ^^
  19. G

    Shield Braker

    About gohans shield, i seen alot of people online as gohan, when someone attack em thay quickly open the shield absorb the attack and fly away. so i thod you should make thad, if someone fires a strong attack. (final flash, spirit bomb, ect) the shield should brake and the gohan should be...
  20. K

    shield needs fixing

    the shield doesnt absorb beams that go right next to u, thats lame, it just explodes and gives u dmg, thats really lame, and stuff like disk juts goes through the shield.