1. IFlip92

    ESF: Final Fact Sheet. So Far We Know...

    (Please make this a sticky maybe some peeps will stop asking the same questions over and over) Also please feel free to remind me of anything I forgot. I'll edit the first post and add every bit of info in it. This is a list of info I have managed to spot here and there on the forums about the...
  2. shadowcast

    my wip character sheet

    So yeah here it is..for now no head started this morning.. Not sure if ill do a helmet or a head but i guess since ill be modeling it ill have to do both XD
  3. ZeroNightmare

    Funky Zero Sprite Sheet

    i was bored, decided he could use some sprucing, its nothing advanced i'll fix the flame attack later,
  4. M

    Goku+Vegeta Fusion,SSJ4 vegeta Sheet!

    Goku+Vegeta Fusion sheet! + SSj4 Vegeta sheet ^_^ u can rip it if u want! but not fusion sheet :] im back (lol was banned :S ) anyways im back with a sprite sheet!! it is LOG2 style and i made wierd BG(background), so PPL cant RIP it so easley ;D anyways here it is Gimme Credits...
  5. M

    My Latest Sprite Sheet

    Heyzz People I was preparing for DBNG ( by Davidskiwan ) the animated gif serie and was making costum sprite sheets and i made a SSJ4 Vegeta and i thought since the outfits of NG SSJ4 Vegeta and GT SSJ4 Vegeta were a little differend so i made a recolor and desided to release it to you guys ...
  6. M

    A new gif! and a new Trunks Sheet!

    2 thing like above u see 1. the sheet 2. the gif... so feel free to edit the trunks sheet maybey u can make it better... cya l8terzzzz..
  7. M

    My First Sprite Sheet ( EDIT )

    Heyzz Well im working on a big new video featuring Trunks vs Cell , and i needed a SSJ Trunks with a jacket , wich my current sprite sheet didnt have ,so i desided to make it myself pixel by pixel a crapload of work but if i look at the result im happy ^^ Original: My Edit: As you...
  8. G

    editing gohan model

    hey im editing the gohan model from dmz for use on esf . I have changed a few things already like the hair is like ssj2 the hair is the right color of golden yellow,but i want him to wear a different out fit. So i went to gokus files and got his body pic and applied it to the model but it is not...
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