1. Skyrider

    Ocean Shader

  2. Enix

    Fake HL1 Shader [not cell-shading]

    Just started this project yesterday, and I have already developed my own little technique for giving HL1 model's a smooth shader feel, but with a price. Basically it's just putting HL chrome to a good use. Keeping your diffuse texture but also adding chrome. I'm not sure if anyone else has...
  3. G

    a shader

    does anyone have a shader that i can use for my ESF stuff if you do or if you now were i could get one please post on this thread and tell me thank you
  4. N

    new map

    Ok, i maded a new map in 2 days of time for quake 3 arena. im not experienced in easygen so the rocks are ****ed up ^^ also remember its my 1st actual playable map :) download: also it AINT for H-L its for Quake 3 peace out
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