1. sexyasian86

    Gt Vegeta -SexyAsian86

    Credit -Turk & *Sin Goku & Azn Thanks for looking, no crits needed here you go. Up on RedSaiyan soon enough -Asian
  2. sexyasian86

    Gogeta -SexyAsian86

    Credit -Smo and Logan. Enjoy, Hope you Folks like it. It'll be up on RedSaiyan hopefully. -Asian
  3. sexyasian86

    Ssj2 Goku -SexyAsian86

    Credit-Smo & Turk reskinned and edited smo used esf goku's hair for normal goku 2 Splashes tah da enjoy and check out my other shiz They will probably be released onto RedSaiyan -Asian
  4. L


    Ok new map.... nc_desert screen shots i took the screen shots in valve hammer editor becouse i haven't compilie it yet, im just about to.... and i just hope the fps are ok... well tell me what ya think...
  5. D

    I Need Aura!!!!!!!

    Where can i get good aura?:devgrin:
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