1. D


    look guys ive had gone to router did firewall everything that u need to do plz help me open ports step by step so me and my friens can play ecx i have bought half life 1 and download esf 1.2.3 and ecx rc2 i just cant host it comes up under the lan bar PLZ...
  2. )V(ajinjosh

    No ESF 1.3 Severs??

    Is it just me or is their no ESF 1.3 open beta servers? is this my computer or can't the open beta make servers yet because of the buggyness? some info would be helpful thanks
  3. I


    when i make a sever little while later it froze then it shutoff.
  4. M

    where are all the evm severs

    i typed them in and i had the filter to normal and none of them showed up the only one is the and that has a password so if anyone has the pass for that one pleaase tell me
  5. F

    esf severs and other stuff

    hey guys i just wanted to know what the severs ip's are for esf i can never seem to find any and i just wanted to know how long hav u been working on the 1.2 beta i have beeen tyring for a long time off an hey with the peroms thing your mod is on the powerplay cd ;) and gj guys this game rocks...
  6. K


    How bout austrilians severs for all the Austrilians that Play ESF just an :idea:
  7. D


    U guys r there any ESF severs i relly wanna play wit other peps.I've got The All Seeing Eye and it doesn't show any and in ESF i filter the server on ESF game but only 3 show up and it says"can not conntect to ...." wot am i soppose to do??? and also i want put any more spam out...
  8. V


    are there any NZ severs? O_O
  9. M

    Does any one know any good Severs for NZ and aussie?

    if so can u plz post the ip plz! thx's