1. B

    Sever problem

    hello im trying to host a server from my place i have a 6meg speed internet and a 8grand pc but every time when i shut the server down and restart the ip changes
  2. B

    Something wrong with sever

    i try to connect to a EVM team play sever but it make me exit the game every time when it get to precatching resourses. plz help i downloaded every required model for the server but it still keep making me exit the game :cry: :cry: :cry:
  3. C

    help to model dragon balls amx mode. alle thinks about a sever!! HELP PLZZZZZ

    Hallo alle.. PLZZZZZ HELP ME!!! im not so good to English but i try. i just begin to play ESF. and i need som help... about the dragon balls. if i get alle 7 i can get a wish but when i play at my one sever is only 3 things to wish.. to day i haf play on a other sever where there was...
  4. G

    training sever

    Could someone make a training sever because at the moment im quite bad at melee and i dont know how to use dragonballs and fusion so it owuld be better if someone made a traing sever.please if you can.
  5. B

    Sever connection problem

    tried connnecting a few times but every time it almost finished connect i got this message. anyone able to help me with this i would really appricate it :laff: hehe kinda getting tired going against bots =P also sometimes i get that my maps dont match the one on the server? also i can't...
  6. V

    how to make a dedicated sever

    im trying to make a didcated sever for esf like counter strike how?? p.s IS THERE A SPOT FOR STAFFz just wondering? O_o thnx in advance
  7. V

    esf sever frezzes

    i got most offl my esf problems fixed but there is just one problem i start up a server or a game of my own and it gets to the end of it and just locks up i tryed agian and the same!!! :cry:
  8. W

    Sever Query and WON Problem

    How come i carnt join any servers of Coutner-Strike it just retrys but fails and even when the server is up whats wrong?
  9. R

    online sever,new game

    iam on m.e and iam in a network the other being xp(built in fire wall) and the xp one has the internet and im thinking thats why i cant play so is any one in the same situation? if so how did they fix it
  10. X

    custom game sever only get the custom downloaded i need HELPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!

    what the **** is the custom game server and someone tell me what it is and how to download it cause i need help
  11. orez

    gohan's Power Beam why cant i use it in some sever's ?

    gohan's Power Beam why cant i use it in some sever's ?
  12. S

    where can i join esf games i keep refreshing the sever on cs but there is no games!

    is there a server that i go to? if there is can some1 post it here ty:cry: o_o :rolleyes: ;( :devil: :p
  13. D


    i would like to know how to host a dedicated sever for this mod;( :cry: O_O :rolleyes:
  14. T

    please if u know why my comp is crashing when i log off a sever?

    my comp keeps crashing everytime i exit a server and everything freezez including the esf menu screen and i dont know why it happens when i played in sofware mode i couldnt even play the game but now i cant exit a server in opengl.please if you know what to do tell me.thanks
  15. S


    will there be a dedicated sever setup soon or do u guys just post a time when one is up
  16. NightShade

    sever crashes hurt this game

    sever crashes really does suck. i mean i gain so much power to have game freeze up and everyone booted
  17. K

    Sever and spectate

    i host the [VR] ESF Sever v2.0 , I would just like to know is there any way i can spectate? or does ESF even have a spectate?
  18. K

    Sever hosting on Net

    hi I host the [VR] ESF Sever v2.0 detacated or other wise, and i would like u guys to fix a few things. When i'm hosting a detacated sever and you make it so i can see 'HE killed HIM with THAT'. when you type Stats it does the thing, tells u the players and all that Is it posable to...
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