1. Vegeta

    Dragon Ball Z Kai sets new record as highest-rated series premiere in network's hi...

    Taken from FUNimation Blog, ANN, and FUNi's Facebook blog:
  2. Zeonix

    Ion Engine Sets New Record

  3. M

    Nintendo Sets Multiple Sales Records

    Before I quote the article, this isn't about which console/hand-held is better. I'm not quoting it to rub in anyones faces, I could care less which console/hand-held is better. I just thought this was something interesting. Source:
  4. D

    Four different sets I made for a different forum

    One for myself, two for others. Whattya think: --- ---
  5. Cold Steel

    the new raid sets. What are your thoughts? Imo, everything except for the warrior set looks like it was taken from the power rangers...
  6. |Overlord|

    good mice & keyboard sets (what would you recomend)

    can any1 recomend some good mice to me with good response times (i can't spend to much , i just want to find value for money at this point) i use to love my brothers spare logitech wirless keyboard & mouse set , but he took it back for he's guest computer (hmmm.... i wonder if theres a way he...
  7. F

    Japanease voice sets

    Hello people. I dowloaded ESF 1.2 and It seems I've chosen the Janapease voice sets. The thing is, I prefer the English one and I'll enjoy the game much more. Can anyone explain to me where I can change it to the English Voice Sets? Oh and another question, I saw a new Skin of Vegeta and of...
  8. Dokutayuu

    2 sets of information and a question

    1. I got a profile picture!!! yay 2.I have started a clan with is the super sayain scouts. (3 members LOL) 3.Who is in the Ion Force Clan? I like the server and the players but they have seemed to disapear.
  9. E

    Jurassic Park Online WP

    Well here is one for a mod Im working on. For HL2. Jurassicpark online. Check them out at . I put this together in like 15 mins, so its nothing much, but its got a nice tone to it. Its kinda shetty. lol
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