1. B

    List of all the Server-Side Cvars

    Hey. I was wondering if someone could give me a list of all the server-side cvars and a list of what they do. I don't need the rcon cvars but more like the ones that you put in the server.cfg . Thanks.
  2. E

    Serverside diamond

    It would be good if there would be a cvar to disable EVERYONE's diamonds over head, since I hate removing them by AMXX plugin.
  3. S

    Serverside KI Trails??

    I joined a server today, and there were ki trails following you there when swooping.. nothing fancy, just a thin line following you, with the same color as your aura.. Now i know i don't have them installed.. so... was it a serverside thing? Does anybody know what i'm talking about? Or where...
  4. SierraSonic

    Server-Side Selectable Moves

    Ok commands only the server could use to disable attacks from a game. 1. On 0. Off mp_bigbang mp_finalflash mp_fdisk mp_disk mp_kame mp_battack mp_sflare mp_sbc i think you get the point, please add this.