1. Skyrider

    Esf thread & posts restored :: [sep, 17 - 2008]

    Everything has been restored as they used to be. This I'm afraid includes the new changes, but those will be made again later on today AND or tomorrow as it's my moms birthday today. I'll be doing this myself as I don't want things to break again by others ^_^. Regards, Skyrider
  2. E

    g0dly Graph-iX

    Well... Naz asked me to post more work of me here too .... so here ya go : And a bigger sig of mine :
  3. Deverz

    Sep 11

    I thought seeing as September 11 has rolled around again I should make a sort of memorial thread. I myself wasn't effected in any way, shape or form by the attack but I still feel for all those that were. Btw let this be knowen I will be strictly guarding this thread as it involves a topic...
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