1. john_volkov

    Senzu bean's ideea

    well the ideea it's verry simple to make senzu beam to spawn on a map in difrent locations evry 30 sec so that it will be hard to find if they move from one place to an other and you will be verry lucky to find them this way even the noobs can find them accidently so the senzu beans ar more...
  2. liad

    senzu bean..

    right click to throw one doesnt work...
  3. Volrath

    About Senzu Beans

    Whats Up Guys :D I've been thinking on those days on a way to improve the senzu beans system... and my first idea about it is: Krilin starts with a particular number of senzu beans, on that way we can go witch the DBZ history, Krilin is the "bean guy" :) On that way he can trow beans...
  4. R

    senzu beans

    i think i have read all of the stickies and rules topics, but i haven't found anything specific in how to find (or where) the senzu beans. can anyone please tell me?
  5. S


    What Maps are the Senzu beans on?
  6. T

    ESF 1.2 CTDB and senzu's, and powerlevel

    will there be any new improvements to the CTDB mode for esf beta 1.2 like say.... will any bugs be fixed... or ... will the dragonballs be compatible in many maps. :cool: . also.. will the senzu beans be the same or are they going to be spread all over the map in every map and will they be...
  7. M

    senzu power up

    how about when ure pl is droping or is at 10 u can use a senzu bean and ure hp will recover and ure pl will go up like 1000 but can be used by sayjins only like in the show
  8. R

    senzu beans

    my idea is like when u do 5 or 10 kills u will resieve a senzu bean! Hows that/?
  9. The Rythem

    Senzu Beans

    hello, i have 2 questions: 1)in which maps there are senzu beans? 2)how can i get new maps?
  10. The Rythem

    senzu beans

    1) in what maps there are senzu beans? 2)can i download more maps?
  11. G

    senzu bean

    how do u enable senzu bean in a server
  12. F

    senzu beans

    where do i find senzu beans what map cause i have never found one and ive sceached many maps (almost all) to find them but i cant and if anybody knows where to get new maps form and does redsayin have any models of other transformations?
  13. Sonic the Vampire

    Senzu Beans that spawn in different locations

    Just what the topic said. Make spawn points for sensu beans like there are for players, so the senzu beans don't always end up in the same place. Just a thought to senzu abuse.
  14. Saiyan Warrior

    Senzu beans

    Does anyone know where you can find senzu beans? I can never find them. :cry:
  15. M

    Senzu Beans!!!!

    Hallo.. i am playing the game eech day but i still mis one thing WHERE CAN I Get the senzu beans. sometimes i just got a few.. but can one of u guys tell me how i can get those beans...
  16. TehMuffinMan

    *yawn* deathpack release...

    well, im bored, so i guess ill release my deathpit maps, download them 0=|HERE> this is still geocities.. so if anyone wants ta host them, fire away. and if you dont know how to use geocities links, copy link into a new browser!
  17. A


    How do u get senzu beans and how do u use em
  18. L

    Senzu Beans...

    I think these should restore SOME health NOT all because experianced players can just camp round where they appear and keep them for themselves. Restore say 14 health and NO Ki at all. Also maybe replace the bean icon with a BEAN BAG which contains 2 beans instead of 1. And these appear...
  19. V

    Senzu Bean!!!!!

    Hi can someone tell me if there is a sensu bean in esf_afm map. and while i was playing this guy came to mi server and put a code for infinte senzu bean. I asked him how he got it and he said it was a secret code fer infinite senzu bean so can someone tell me the code for it plz..thx:D
  20. S

    Senzu Bean Locations?

    Just out of curiousity, can anyone tell me what maps have senzu beans, and where they are? I know esf_riverside has some in the river, but thats all I know! Any others???