1. FreeDoM

    Wanting Aion trial..

    Has anyone been playing Aion for +3 months that can send me a friend request? you could possibly gain a free month, but i want to make sure my PC can handle it before I buy this. [email protected] Thanks =)
  2. Nemix

    Add Send To ... DESKTOP to right click

    can i Add Send To ... DESKTOP to right click because i dont have it... i've added xp again BLACK XP so can someone help me?
  3. Skyrider

    No Emails/Activations being send out. [solved]

    For the last couple of days, no Activation or Password reset emails were being send out. I apologize for that. After the forum update from 3.7.x to 3.8.0, it seems that the email that is supposed to be sending out the emails was a bit messed up. The solution was very simple, but I never noticed...
  4. B

    WTB solid gold cup, plz send tell. o.O Discuss
  5. Optimus Prime

    Yaksumash, my name a Borat. My government send me to U.S. and A. to make a movie film

    Who else is going to see this? Please tell me people are as excited as I am.
  6. dan_esf_fanatic

    Plz send me ClientRegistry.blob.

    Could one of you guys send me your ClientRegistry.blob file? Please don't ask why, but it's very important to me!
  7. JasonX

    how 2 send a screenshot??

    how 2 send a screenshot cuzz i am gonna send something cool about esf.
  8. Skyrider

    FTP Program that can send multiple files.

    I'm looking for a FTP Program that can send / download multiple times at once. Most FTP Programs just uploads one file at a time, but that really goes slow if you have to upload loads of files. Anyone knows one?
  9. F

    If some1 can send me Namek.wad

    If some1 can send me Namek.wad so i can play so mpas give me a link or send it to [email protected]
  10. I

    how 2 send private messages on forum

    i tried nd private message dis guy called grr nd this is wat it gave me You have turned off private messages. You may not view or send private messages until you turn them on by editing your profile. how do i do this
  11. R

    ESF-World down, can someone send me a different mirror for 1.2.3?

    ESF-World isn't responding, does anyone know of any other mirrors for 1.2.3? ;/
  12. B

    I need the good cd key for earth's special forces please send me

    I need the good cd key for earth's special forces please send me Send it to [email protected] maby i'll give you some downloaded gba roms with emulator and you may have them all i have 300 games
  13. M

    Net Send Packet Error (HELPPPPPP!)

    ok my friend gets this error on his OS Fatal Error Net Send packet ERROR: WSARNIVAL any one knoe whats wrong this happends when he trys to vonnect to an ESF server thanks a lot
  14. F

    i'll send mp3's

    :devsmile: i have a cool mp3 and i want to share it to everybody (for esf of course) if i'm allowed to :devgrin:
  15. Gabyyy

    Pls send me some models...

    Hi. I searched all over the net and I didn't finded any ssj5 model. Iy you got one pls email it to me and other dragon ball AF models. Thanks
  16. Super Veggeto

    can someone send me the original...?

    can someone sent me the original buu soundpack?
  17. Blue Triforce

    plz send

    i cant play half life nore ESF cause i dont have a file. and i want to ask can somewone sent that file by e mail. the name is : gfx.wad . if you wanna know in witch folder it is : :notice: C:\Sierra\half-life\Valve you can find it there if im right, so can somewone send it trough my e mail...
  18. E


    hey, Anyone who has made a model, im me through aim at toiletflush2, i love models and their hard to find.
  19. A

    Can Someone Send Me Their Config?

    Im getting the Steam error where I cant move or do anything, and I need a proper config to put in my folder. Can someone kindly send it to [email protected] or post a link? Thanks. Oh ya, I hear that you have to rename it to userconfig or something? Can someone clear this up :]
  20. K

    Could some1 pls send me the original sounds of gohan????

    Heey can some1 pls sendm me the original sounds of gohan... (cant find them anywhere :() DONT say that request forum thing coz i allready did that