1. E

    ESF could not be found on selected destination?

    O_O Huh. Esf Beta 1.2.1DedServer Patch cant find ESF anywhere. What should be the right path to install it, or is it a bug? (I have installed esf 1.2 full & ESF 1.2.1b nwewst patch and the game works fine) :(
  2. P

    ESF culd not be found on selected destinatoin. pleas choose again. HELP!!

    O_o ESF culd not be found on selected destinatoin. pleas choose again... wtf do i do?
  3. N

    newb at makein skins plz help!

    I was just wonderin how to color stuff... I just made a little kirby so ya I need help bad!!! :scared: o_o
  4. V

    Milkshape ? Why this error !

    PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEE !!!!!!:p Ok it goes like this... I decompile the HL model.(ESF) Then i import the .smd file i edit it because i want to pump up the body a bit and then when i try to save the .smd file he is wanking with some vertex bone errorO_O WTF ?! Even when i dont edit the model...
  5. maxigt

    Ussj Vegeta that will or won't happen

    I made a ussj Vegeta, but my Milkshape 3D has expired, so I couldn't save it. One day I might (finally! YAY!) get the full version. But it may take a while. :cry: Here is what it looked like: <center>Original SSJ USSJ </center> Oh yea, credit to the ESF team, it's the...
  6. G

    Modell question ..

    I was wondering , How do I regroup a modell ? I'm going to skinn a modell , and I need to regroup , Like ears, body , head , legs . And stuff like that . But I can't do it becouse all those dots .. They come alond when I wanna move a selected form and screw up the hole modell .. By the way...
  7. C

    Why not make Super 17?

    I'm wondering why no one seems to have made a Super 17 model for ESF or any other DBZ mod out there. I was hoping someone looking to make more models for the new beta could try out making theese two characters (maybe to replace trunks or something.) And another thing: in Milkshape, I'm having a...
  8. P

    Skinner needs help?

    Hey everyone im new here :D but i just need some help getting started. I have skinned for myself like privatley but never released anything. I am having some trouble with milkshape and your models... Whenever i try to decompile them and import the .smd it just gives me the bones :( and i cant...
  9. M

    Compiling - HOW???

    ok ive got zhlt, and try to compile a worldcraft made map from .map into .bsp. i can start the map, but the textures arent shown right. the "texture" looks like a chess field with purple instead of white fields. a purple-black chess field. can anyone help me? i made a cool map on a...