1. M

    Jack Thompson sees himself in GTAIV

    Via Slashdot Oh, please. He'll try to block the release of the game no matter what. I think he's just flattering himself, anyway.
  2. V


    Well thxz for the site vegetto91 it really helped but if u have any other sites can u post it here and that goes for everyone that sees this plz post a link where i can find good skins (excluding redsaiyan) thxz (im impatient lol)
  3. DBZFever

    model not ripped

    "they ripped goku's model! they try to cover their ass by putting "By Entering This Page I Am Accepting The Fact That I Cannot:... 3) Charge Any Of The Staff\Persons Of Stealing, Fraud, Or Anything That Shall Harm Anyone" fortunatly, that wont hold up in any court, period. you cannot...
  4. Marauder

    Shield breached

    a just wipped something up, dont have alot of time to write down, so ill update later :)
  5. B

    Ussj trunks complete

    here my version of ussj trunks
  6. Y

    help to get full milkshape ver

    some one can help me to get the full ver of milk shape?
  7. D

    All skins

    I think, all the models for ESF are the maximum. (hl engine) But the face-skins look a bit unreal, not this :] smiling for vegeta. Or this angry face (piccolo). Yeah, nobody sees your face in game but then it would be perfectly. *spam your comments or delete this fool thread.
  8. H

    esf skinners/modelers READ

    i think that the ssj goku in the gallery need something that u forgot. he needs ears. he has none. he looks stupid without them but everything else is ok. ps for that matter the normal goku needs ears lol
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