1. 4nubiS

    S-cry-eD ( anime ) wallpaper

    made these wallpapers with photoshop ^^...hope u guyz like it.. Kazuma ( Scryed wallpaper ) : Itachi ( naruto wallpaper ) : Sub-Zero ( Mortal Kombat wallpaper ) ...
  2. K


    I was thinking of how awesome a batch of models revolving around the anime "s-CRY-ed" would be. The characters would work and look great in the game. The only thing that s-CRY-ed characters don't do that Dragon Ball Z characters do, however, is shoot beams =/
  3. DoomSodan

    AMV - Scryed

    Hi guys, over the last weeks I bulid a little video in the Windows Movie Maker (not the best program to do such a thing though) and now, I finally was enable to get it on my clanpage (esf btw) ;). Uhm, anyway if u want, donwload it and have fun with it - and if u like write some critz or...
  4. H

    Check it out, a Scryed wallpaper !!