1. Pieter Paul Rubens

    Windows media Player screws up your iPod?

    Well, I got this iPod Video 60GB (had it since belgian release), always worked fine on windows with iTunes etc.. Up untill today :/ I was checking a song with Windows Media Player when it hit me that I still had some important stuff on my iPod, so I plug this baby in and all of the sudden WMP...
  2. |Da|K|

    new poster...the same as all the others?

    Made a new poster for some reason i like this noe the best outa all my posters.... DA LiNK Critz&Comments plz
  3. S

    Dynamic Lighting Screws My Performance Badly -> HELP!!!

    I'm new at this forum stuff, but i've been playing ESF for a while now. The game is awesome, but for some reason my sucky video card lags at the moment of dynamic lighting. Every time I shoot a beam near a wall or floor and the surrounding lights appear over the beam, my FPS just shoots down. I...
  4. Suh Dude

    Light Blade

    Watcha Think?
  5. D

    Where can i get a mystic gohan model??

    I saw the one at red saiyan but i dont want one that is like bruised up or ne thing so is there one that is just like that one but just not bruised up? Thanx
  6. L

    - SSJ Script 6.0

    i downloaded this script from red sayain but what does it do?
  7. B

    Animation Shop

    How do you switch of the stupid optimizer which comes up when you try to save your work. because when it optimises my GIF he screws with the transparancy and causes it to become black. BrunO