1. DJ-Ready

    Konoha screencaps

    Yeah ... I'm in need of a bunch of screencaps from Konoha and its key locations Unfortunately I only have the naruto episodes starting at 200 left on my comp and downloading all episodes again would be .. a pain. I'd appreciate it if anyone would be kind enough to help me capture screens...
  2. Silent_Bob

    Make your own screencaps!

    I figured it out, how to do it all. The file is still kinda big (1.4megs), but that's cos it's long (37 or so frames). Basically the thing is to make funny gifs using screencaps/screenshots from any movie or show you feel like. There's a few different programs out there; Ulead is probably...
  3. xstortionist

    I need captain ginyu reference pictures!! post em if u got em!!

    Hey i'm currently going to be modeling a ginyu model. If any of you have any good ginyu reference pictures I coudlr eally use them..thanks!!
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