1. KidMan

    Grunts, Screams and Noises.

    ESF is missing something vital. SOmething that would make it more realistic and more true to the show. ESF needs grunts, screams, cries and yelling during beam stuggling, struggling with a Energy Ball, throwing a character and when two characters collide and they must hit the arrows to beat the...
  2. shadow_wolf

    Goku Screams Help

    i remeber there was a goku scream pack made by i think mr.trick it was closed for flaming i just wanted to know why they wont work i changed them to a .wav file aslo and they still didnt work any ideas?
  3. M

    Goku screams done enjoy
  4. S

    i need goku screams

    i need gokus screams that will work as trans and kamah and anyother sounds just post it in this thread my aim is mysticfighter101

    Vegeta screams

    Does someone have Vegeta sounds where he screams.(transforms) I don't want it for trans, only t play the wavs in game. The scream should be 7-15 secs. A little shorter or longer is almost good.:laff: :laff:
  6. G

    Vegeta I made

    I have been moddling for about two weeks, this is my best model so far (I did not make the skin I just used the original beta 1 esf skin for vegeta) Now I know there are problems with the connections between pieces of the model, especially with the head. So if you have any tips with connecting...