1. O

    Scattershot, animations, sliced models

    When you stop one of the scattershot's blasts in the water, you can still see bubbles coming out of it. I know the animations are not yet done, but I have reported this in 1.2.3 and it hasn't been fixed. When you kill yourself with a generic ball (just stand on the ground and aim down) there is...
  2. KidMan

    Scattershot Speed

    My suggestion is to increase the Scattershot speed. Its pretty slow right now which makes it somewhat useless. The speed should be similar to Renzoku's speed. Say if Renzoku's speed is 200 and Scattershots is 60 then you should increase it to 150. Also in the show, Piccolo shot out ALOT of Ki...
  3. clen

    Scattershot Video :p
  4. D

    the friggin scattershot

    are you guys planning on fixing scattershot or already have? cause its ridiculous here you have the most useful attack in the game and yet we cant use it because 85% of the balls keep blowing up in your face? btw im not sure if this goes in bugs or here, but barely anyone pays attention to...
  5. ZeroNightmare

    Scattershot and Kame Torpedos, Adjustments

    I'm not whining about the homing or anything. I think its annoying how... well... you cant block them most of the time. Lets say bob sets 5 kame torpedos, then shoots them all at me, i can block 1, but it puts me into a block struggle, which is fine.... but then the other ones hit me while...
  6. D

    bug with scattershot

    i just found this out when i was playing around with piccolos scattershot when you shoot them out and you press the right click half to all of them explode (like when you shoot a generic beam and press the right click) this gets seriously annoying to me since piccolos one of my favorite...
  7. .Maze

    Gohan SSJ2 Scattershot (i dunno the right name)

    well in one of the Cell Games Episode you see Gohan ssj2 fight against the cell jr. And he does something like that. Hes standing there lifting his Arms up and shoots lots of Ki balls and they kill cell jr. The idea is when your SSJ2 Gohan you should get this as an attack. When your using it...
  8. imkongkong

    Tweaks on scattershot

    Scattershot, in my opinion, could be made better. First of all, the max shot from scattershot should be around 8, just how it is now. Left click would shoot the ki blasts. Right click would pause all the ki blasts shot in mid-air. Once paused, you cannot shoot anymore ki blasts until...
  9. X

    PS between Scattershot and Generic Beam

    This isn't too big but it's happened to me quite a few times now. My friend waas Vegeta and I was Trunks and when he threw his scattershot, my generic beam hit only 1 of the beams and ended up in an endless PS. Kinda sucked since I had to type kill in console lol.
  10. N


    why isn't scattershot like in the episode's hovering in the air, moving beams makes it harder to aim (like when piccolo did scattershot on #17)
  11. M

    How do i get scattershot attack?

    my piccolo doesnt have the scattershot attack even if i ascend to his powered up level how do i get the move?
  12. A

    PowerStruggling Piccolo's Scattershot...

    I Don't Get How You Powerstruggle With Piccolo's Scatershot... In The Main pag It Says Its A Scattershot being powerstruggled... how do i do it and with what beams to counter it?
  13. A

    Vegeta's Renzoku

    How do u use it in the game?
  14. Z

    English Tien Soundpack

    Hi, this is my first soundpack. Its a Soundpack for the Tien model, that was made by Logan4434: ESF FORUM- TEIN!!!!!!!!! I whipped this small soundpack up for Tien, I know there are 2 wavs that are repeating but its harder to find Tien sound clips than you think.Heres the soundpack for...
  15. J

    Is scattershot underpowered?

    I haven't seen people using piccolo much. I thought it was neat that scattershot was included, but I really see any kills with it. It seems like there should be a larger scatter effect and more shots. Or perhaps, it would be interesting if after the scatter effect you selected a target and the...
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