1. KilledWithStyle

    Random homeing of Kametorps and Scatterbeam -- REASON

    I dont know if this will help the team, but I would like to expand on the bug of (mainly) the Kame torps going to unknown "entities". First off, I have figured this out after spending much time in my own server and realizeing that this bug isnt only in riverside. I have seen this bug in many...
  2. S


    Krillins scatterbeam should be a beam, not a ball. I nver realised this until i actually thought about the name of the attack. Dont give the crap that it isnt possible cause it can be. For instance, krillin charges up the beam and fires it, which he can control. When the beam is close to its...
  3. A

    Idea on improving Krillin's scatterbeam

    As of now, scatterbeam is actually a ball that is shot out, that shoots out other balls as it passes by enemies. This is not how scatterbeam was in the show/manga. Scatterbeam was Krillin firing a Kamehameha, angling it up, then closing his hands together and interlocking his fingers, which...
  4. K

    My Elite Scatterbeam!!!

    Alright, it isn't elite. It looks kinda weird, or really weird but it does look pretty cool. It was originally for a generic beam, but I changed it into the scatterbeam and I thought I would just show you guys.
  5. T

    Woah look at the scouter on the new scatterbeam pic!

    look at the scouter, it says mixed mode. thats something new :yes:
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