1. Hsu

    Sbolts picture colour thread

    Well anyways here is what I came up with after colouring s-bolts picture. Its about 2 hours of full work. I know there is stuff I can do to make it better but I am done with it for now. I encourge other people to colour this and post there results here. Here is the original picture.
  2. S

    ssj2 gohan

    heres a ssj2 gohan i was workin on today. credits to s bolt for the head, smo for body, orig gohan skinner for body skin, and me for the edit. heres a pic. hope u like it, if u do ill host it.
  3. A

    A Normal Gohan To go with s-bolts

    Can someone PLEASE make a normal version of S-Bolts gohan. Just take the Default ESF gohan head and put it on S-Bolts gohan body. If anyone needs a the default gOhan ill give it you but I woudl REALLY aprecitate it..:cry: Thanks -Crackerjack
  4. Logan4434

    SSJ2 Goku

    i have edited the original goku's hair to make an SSJ2 are pics: ok now i know some of you are wondering where to dl this and why am i working on this if Tapion isnt answer this Tapion is being finished by a friend.i will see about goku i am having trouble with the...