1. I

    sorry s-bolt

    sorry s-bolt creditz: Nuttzy- Arms Dan- Skinning S-bolt- Hair Edit Mods- for putting up with my bulls---
  2. L

    ok S-BOLT

    yeah, I was mad. sorry s-bolt but i'm realy not a lama or noob or 5 year old kid i'm 22. so listen up. i'm creating models 4 years. and I checked almost all the programs that can make them. when i registered myself to ESF forums i've asked a stupid question: how to create a model? i knew...
  3. G

    S-Bolt-- For Preside.....I mean Op ^^

    Aight this is more of a IRC related thing but it DOES consern ESF so its not total spam. Our dear S-Bolt-- Is a mod at the Esf Forums. Yet he didnt get his Op status at the IRC chan. I feel this is outrages and i have a supportive crew behind me. Not to give a quick summery: Ryoko =...
  4. E

    S-Bolt-- need to talk :D

    maar hoe kan ik die requist of zo iest doen maar search vind die nooit iets sorry e maar ik ben een newbie dus ee ! ni te hard beginen tis maar een begin e
  5. S

    finally bojack gohan done

    heres my final bojack gohan. i need a host for the models. credits to smo, sbolt,-SSJ Gohan Model: SS Vegeta Skin: Mastasurf and me fro edit. i need to get permission before its released
  6. Logan4434

    SSJ2 Goku

    i have edited the original goku's hair to make an SSJ2 are pics: ok now i know some of you are wondering where to dl this and why am i working on this if Tapion isnt answer this Tapion is being finished by a friend.i will see about goku i am having trouble with the...