1. Mous4u

    Help! ESF ECX RC1 Super Sayian - 4 Promblem!

    ok i have a major promblem. with ESF ECX RC1 not rc2..rc1! ok.anyway lets move on when i am Super Sayian 3 My PL is 41,000,000 I Press Z And then nothing happends please someone help me For ECX RC1 Please! :(
  2. Kaination

    Well I'm finishing the Sayian Saga...

    Yeah. I'm watching all the episodes and I'm on the last episode of the Sayian saga. And I have to say, this was one of the most kick ass things i've ever seen. Can you guys tell me what's your favorite DBZ saga? I want to know if this was like... the best or the worst. If it was the worst the...
  3. R

    Super Sayian

    how do u get to super sayian!?
  4. F

    super sayian 3 and others?

    u think it is possible for 1.3 you guys can get super sayian 3 goku and vegeta and add new movies to them
  5. I

    Super Sayian Sprit Bomb

    I know what you're thinking, that wouldn't be fair to the others but. Just becuase Goku can telport while charging any move while in super sayian mode dosen't mean it cant happen. I saw it in one of the series once think it was in Dragon Ball GT but any way it would be fair because what if...
  6. K

    Transformation through all Super Sayian stages

    if you guys can make the characters transform once why not 2, 3, or even 4 times. Like Goku you could have him transform through all of his stages of super sayian "ss1 ss2 ss3 ss4" kind of like they do in the dragonball z fighting game for ps2 now that would be cool.
  7. OubliezJe

    Fans Of Super Sayian story

    The Comic WIll be here shortly but until then i need tofind a host for the images. a good host that can host many pictures.
  8. D

    The Black And White Sayian ((Yes im bored))

    How it look? CREDIT: Do not know whoever made SSJ2 Goku
  9. HyperSaiyaman

    Giji Super Sayian-jin Reskin

    here is a reskin i made credits are given in the pic: tell me what u think about it ;) As i promise here is the model: Click Here! Thank you for your time!
  10. G

    How do you go Super sayian

    i need help going Super Sayian because it wont work for me, some one help me plz!!
  11. G

    whats the new models these days

    yo what the new models are they out come on all trunks is hott as hell yo my name is (*Fp*) German-sayian on esf look for me mostly on Fp princes room come in
  12. G

    yo can anyone also make a glacier map when the sayian fought super 13 reply

    yo that should be hott going though the glaciers and all going under water and everything come on ppl help me
  13. SSFT

    Red Sayian Files

    Which files for esf beta 1 do you suggest? What map and models are good? What is everyone using? I use the tournament map from the buu saga(great for dragonball mode) and I use the saiyaman model, majin vegeta models, and adult gohan sound pack.
  14. A

    Ultra Sayian

    Do you think the birth of Ultra Sayains will come? After SSJ 5 there can't be more SSJ levels, cause one will lose count of all the levels and hair styles. Ultra sayains should have Silver hair color and have glittering auras. Just a thought.
  15. Logan4434

    SSJ2 Goku

    i have edited the original goku's hair to make an SSJ2 are pics: ok now i know some of you are wondering where to dl this and why am i working on this if Tapion isnt answer this Tapion is being finished by a friend.i will see about goku i am having trouble with the...
  16. D

    hi make a model plz

    hi would anyone make a gohan model with sayajin armor and a ssj of the model cuz im gonna use it in beta
  17. A

    How do even get ur guy t turn super sayian?!

    I cant figure out how to even turn ssj... i hit the requied power level...but what do i do after that?
  18. S

    Infinity Streak

    Alright, I just finished my layout :D I need some opinions so I'm posting it here ;) The link is [This is considered Artwork because I'm not showing off the code or anything I'm showing you what I did in photoshop ;).. Oh and I thank The_Stinger for coding my...
  19. Emeka650

    Super sayian namek

    forget it
  20. Majin Vegeta 05

    Majin Vegeta Model?

    can some 1 post me a picture of an majin vegeta model i wanna see it sooo bad ^^