1. V

    Transform into an 4x sayan

    PLS HELP ME! I have got ESF ECR ESX v1.2.3 and also if my vegeta have enough power and i already wished the moon he cant transform!!!, what i have to do??
  2. M

    How to turn Super Sayan

    What made you turn the button Super Sayan about but did not benefit the way I want Thank I am an Arab English proficiency
  3. M

    How do i turn super sayan?

    Can someone tell me how i go super plz?
  4. 1

    Super sayan

    How can we improve the power to transform into ssj or other transformation?
  5. H

    how to turn in super sayan pls help

    can somebody help me out i need help how to turn in sayan and how to do it quick thx in advance :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  6. O

    me again first time i play esf how becom super sayan??

    i am a firstimer and i was playing whit gohan i was over 150.000.000 ki whit gohan en the guys in the server said puch z but it didnt do anithing help me pls i am not very smart srry
  7. S

    Why Sayan Master is King.

    - Because he makes a complete stranger ((thats me)) a nice big blue sig to match my smurfness, thanks SM :)
  8. dillinger smith

    Nappa model, Please...

    Now, I just want to start off by saying I am sorry if this has been suggested before, and I searched the forum for this and didn't find it (looked and used the search button). Now I was just wondering if any one has made or wants to make a nappa model... because I love nappa he is a true sayan...
  9. A

    super sayan 2-3

    think it could be nice if you could transform more then ones, so you could transform to super sayan 2 and 3, when you are strong enuf:)
  10. S

    NON DBZ figures

    is it possible that some people ever maded non-DBZ figures (like a sayan called Hurukai or something like that)
  11. M

    My new sig

    Hello everyone. I would like u people to check out my new sig. Please be honest about it.
  12. T

    super sayan 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

    why don't you put more super sayan modes in esf. i had a powerlevel of 198 million and the the fun is over because you can't get super sayan 2 or 3 or higher so it's maybe better to put some supersayan modes in the game.
  13. Feigeta

    Getting more Pl when a Sayan is healed!

    Well first time I got the beans I thougth that when i was injured i would get more Pl after taking a bean. But i didnt. I got this id of get stronger when u take a bean beeng a Sayan. What do u think guy?
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