1. J

    Saving PL and starting PL

    Hello guys , i was kinda thinking and , shouldnt all chars start from 1PL? so when you fight your PL raises slowly at start , but as you develop it raises faster and faster. And also , idk if this is impleted already , but the game should save our PL automaticly or when we click save(every 1min...
  2. H

    LAN Saving

    Ok, me and my brother have this game, and there is something so that you can save your character so long as you dont change your guy, ex, from goku to frieza. but when we try to do it, it says that we are not playing a LAN game, any help?
  3. M

    China Tries Saving Face in Midst of Olympics

  4. KidMan

    Saving the World.... One Episode at a Time.

    I have to know once and for all. Who out there is a fan of Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis? Any reason why you like the show(s) and who is/are your favorite character(s)?
  5. kam!


    What's your opinion on saving in games? I think that being able to save at any point in a game breaks a lot of (single player) games. FPS for example. Quicksave allows you to solve any situation (like clearing a room) perfectly, or with minimal hp loss. In RTS games you can save before you...
  6. Blademaster


    when yuo make a model how do you save it so you can plat it in ESF?
  7. jp

    saving power

    okay, i can't play ESF anyomore.. but hey, doesn't mean i can't bug you guys with one of my idea's. Okay here goes, i once saw that gohan ssj, in the hyperbolic time *after vegetas final flash* was just standing there, and then WOOOSSH!!! a huge beam that caused quite a big explosion...
  8. K

    PL Saving

    Ok, don't think of me as a n00b now, but here is an idea for how too work this one out, if I might.... Only use the PL saving on LAN servers, or some of you who wants it soo bad, can try to make an addon too get it into the game... so, nuf said... Of curse the PL should be balanced, so an...
  9. E

    PL Saving

    Is it possible to save your PL to some file... I mean it takes hours to get Goku (5 million) to his perfect transform level... I reached it once.... But if you have to start all over again every time you play.... Aww well I hope you get the point... Is there some kind of PL saving system?
  10. Z

    Saving gifs...

    For some reason...I cant save gif images onto my computer. I used to be able to but now for some reason it only lets me save them as .bmp. Any help is appreciated.
  11. A

    Server option, saving PL

    donno if its been suggested before, if so i appologize.. j/w if u guys can add a thing similar to the warcraft 3 "mod" to CS.. where u can like type "save pl" or somethin and the server will save your power? if this would make it unfair for the host, how bout making one of the official ESF...
  12. G

    saving help with MS3D

    I got Milk Shape 3D, my bro got ... ha- I mean, program,lol, that makes it not run out of time (7 day perio0d free version) but I cannot save, is there a another way of saving?
  13. L

    Saving of Players

    pretty self-explanatory the ability to save a persons pl and character on the server so u dont have to start from scratch. This would be good for servers that dont have a bunch of new people coming in just the usuals (like mine :) ) i think there might already be a way todo this seeing as under...
  14. W

    saving ur own characters

    why not just make a start a esf character and train em and save em so wen u exit game u could continue wit a good character thatll be very fun when u start growing :) :) :)
  15. B

    saving your characters power level

    err, i'd think it'd be cool if you could save ur pl like being able to save ur pl, through some kind of console command, etc. coz it gets annoying having to get to a real high pl then lose it but this'd be real unfair to those who don't play it, n00bs, etc. but its just a suggestion...
  16. N

    SHAREware Modeling soft. +My Question..

    Okay so I found a great site/directory for free-ware and share-ware, modeling soft. I'm thinking of just registering MS3D cause its really easy to use, but this could be helpful for you guys, because they have directories for FREE modeling...
  17. sexyasian86

    Marth and Roy [ssb]

    if u guys know from super smash brothers. and an anime, Marth and Roy. credits (so far): azn dragon [for body] ss_vegeta [for cape] s-bolt [ for chest armor] here is a picture of the marth body. so far. took my 20 minutes to do the edits almost perfectly. so no parts look rough. so...
  18. C

    Saving Powerlevel

    Anyone ever play on one of those counterstrike wc3 servers? Well basically its CS but theyve added in elements of war craft 3. You join up and pick your teams as normal, but you also pick a race which you gain experiance in slowly to gain abilities, but the coolest part of it all (and the...
  19. X

    New Mode - Saving the World!

    How about a fun type mode that not only keeps you busy from fighting but capturing at the same time? Like a specific mode where you gotta save certain characters Like for example, on esf_city. a... Master Roshi Mr. Satan Chi Chi Bulma Videl Puar Oolong Mr. Popo And Dende spawn...
  20. GotenksOwnz

    Wat do i need to....

    Yo guys i would like to know wat program i use to make sigs and pics of my own. Thanx for any help