1. TimTheEnchantor

    The Satanic Ritual

    Earlier yesterday I was showing Soulicro how to do some stuff I was doing. I had the idea of hey why doesnt he look at what I did and then add to it... Well he hopefully learned quite a bit because he added some real 'depth' to this face. Enjoy one of the most disturbing images I've...
  2. Rajikk

    A good name

    Hey could someone come up with a decent name for a character this is really serious nothing stupid just a good name for a character I'm making. I'm terrible at coming up with names.
  3. Chimpbot

    Happy Satanic Day of You're Going to Hell and Will Die Without Jesus Day!

    Yeah..I know.. This is a day late :D I'm just curious.. How was Halloween for you guys? I remember what it was like when I was a kid..always a blast. I didn't do anything "halloweenish" this year..not yet anyway. I'm just wondering if it was a blast or a bust for you guys.