1. X

    ~Requesting Samurai Champloo Sig~

    I was wondering if someone could make me a 400x100 sig of Samurai Champloo? Please do not apply text to it... Unless the text went along with like the background or something, I mean dont put something like your name or my name on it and whatnot. Anyway here are the images:
  2. D

    Mugen / Jin from Samurai Champloo

    I know I screwed up on mugen but I did try my hardest to fix it. And wow ignore that big start in the middle, I was out of sketch paper and that was one of my messed up sheets. =\
  3. A

    Samurai 7 vs. Naruto

    Samurai 7 vs. Naruto!!!!! xD >:E x.x <:E Rar xD Ok anyway's I have to say naruto win's.
  4. Catman

    Samurai or Ninja

    What do u guys/girls think is better samurais or ninjas i say ninjas are better because of there stealth.
  5. Ryoko

    Samurai Champloo

    I made a signature depicting a kickass show. It's still w-i-p though as it's missing something. Crit's? Comments? What seems to be missing in your opinion?
  6. G

    Samurai 7/Champloo

    Well i must say thees 2 new animes just blow me right out of my socks. One is made by one of the worlds greatest directors: Akira Korusawa. and the other, Samurai Champloo is made by the same people that did Cowboy Bebop which, imho, was one of the best animes ever made. Some background info...
  7. SailorAlea

    Samurai Champloo

    Hey. Anybody else seen this anime, which just recently came out? (Like, within the last week.) It's called Samurai Champloo. It's hard to describe, really.. There's only one episode out and translated, but it's about two, I don't want to say "Samurai," but two people adept at using...
  8. X

    Samurai Warriors

    Im sure we've all faught the good fight at Hu Lao Gate (Dynasty Warriors). I just wanted to know has anyone seen Koei's upcoming new game? Its like Dynasty Warriors, same battle system, possibly some new elements here and there, but it will not longer deal with "The Three Kingdoms" and it...
  9. N

    another samurai..

    well here is an other samurai drawing...not that nice.. but ow well...maybe some one wanna color this one as well ? but first has the other one get to colored.. well maybe you like this on.. : greetz Niracle
  10. N

    My New Samurai Artwork

    well i was bored...and i like chinees & japanese.. so this came out of it.. just some fast drawing... :smile: i hope you guys like it crits and comments are welcome maybe some one wanna color it ? greetz Niracle
  11. J

    Samurai Sig by Judge

    <img src="" border="1"> was a bit inspired by 1m4's sig (though I think he did a nicer job than me :)). didnt really like how it came out, I guess its not bad. but it's not how I saw it in my head. crits/comments
  12. X

    Samurai Wallpaper

    This wallpaper took me 5 hours to make. critz please better?
  13. DaKD

    Samurai Jack WIP

    I saw a request for this in the request thread I think, but it seemed like it'd be cool to use him in ESF. So heres my work so far, and btw I want crits on anything except proportions because it's almost impossible to say that jack has a set proportion because of the way the show is drawn...
  14. The Noodler

    Samurai Pizza Cat Sig, Its Polly ^_^

    I made this sig cuz i was bored and have nothin else to do, im not sure if i want to use it so thats why there is no text yet. i hade to save it as a bitmap cuz anylower and it would look like crap, anywayz, critz.
  15. VivaLaPineapple

    new deviant id

    comments and critz plz programs used: photoshop 3dsmax
  16. TimTheEnchantor

    Tim's Drawing Thread

    Alright some of these images I need to redo, but these were from the year 2000 and dbz pics were back in 6th-8th I'll upload them, I will reupload some of these, I had to take pics using a digi cam so the alignment on some is bad..especially the mecha, because...
  17. X

    Samurai X and Rurouni Kenshin Questions!

    I know their are some Kenshin Fans here so I thought it'd be the best place to ask questions. I have never seen Rurouni Kenshin untill they premiered it on Cartoon Network. The only thing on Kenshin I ever saw was Samurai X. So this is where my Questions begin. 1.) What the hell!? Kenshin...
  18. Logan4434

    goku ssj5 WIP

    heres a pic Daz will post a link to the model soon.(the pic is very crappy dont judge it bvy the pic i suggest you DL it than see how you like it in game personally i use and enjoy this model) pic: :D
  19. H

    made a lil gif

    well i uh made this thing and it took me a good hour and a half because i had no idea what program would just take a clip of a movie and turn it into a gif and no one would help :S so i played the movie frame by frame and print screened on each frame then paisted in paint and saved each frame...
  20. R

    Dead Samurai

    I take no credit for the back ground, but I do for the samurai. I drew him first, scanned it, then coloured it on adobe peace:idea: