1. P

    always super saiyen mod?

    does anyone know where i can get this mod for my server that i run from my house? I really want this mod, because getting to krillin is very annoying... plz give link or something. Thanks Polish Kid90
  2. S

    i cant see effects when going super saiyen

    i dont know why. i have all my settings at high and best. when i do a spirit bomb i dont see the sparks in the air and when i or someone els goes ss i dont see any effects at all. im useing windows xp geoforce 2 mx400 384 megs of ram 800mhz amd.
  3. G

    Red Saiyen updating?

    Is the redsayien webpage going to be up soon? I want to add some sw33t sprites to esf.
  4. Akhkaru

    Creating a Female Saiyajin Model!!!

    As the topic says, I'm creating a Female saiyajin model, It'll look sucky but I'll try! Her name is Talipuu, mother of Gokuu. It is a fact, because In the manga series she is there with bardock and their son. Before the Saiyajin's sent him to Earth.