1. Kurisutaru

    new sig Sailor Jupiter

    Well this explains it what you guy/girls think edited version below I liek the image on the left so im going to keep it. I appreciate your comments and crits on that. i did change the border. I dont know if i changed anything else. I also made this one ok i failed. Im trying to...
  2. Vejimaru

    Sailor Moon Sig

    Meh. I really need to get a hobby (aside from sig making) Here is a sailor moon sig that I made. The general theme is supposed to be sad. Crtiz would be nice. I'm not expecting 10/10's on this one, so let rip
  3. Hitokiri

    Sailor Moon or Cowboy Bebop?!

    This poll's for you Boyster. I'm just curious as to what the general concensus is, you filthy blasphemer!!! VOTE WHICH IS BETTER!
  4. Pommy

    Odd art

    i was board so I made some weird shapes and then added a bg and mixed it with some text and here it is. took me a little bit but here it is. <img src=> feedback :D?