1. kam!

    PC not booting, Safe mode messed

    Okay since today the computer of my brother stopped booting. After the WinXP boot screen shows for about 10 seconds it just reboots. Safe mode is working for some seconds, after that the task bar and all desktop icons disappear and after some more time it just reboots again. I can't scan for...
  2. P

    Is this game safe?

    Hi im new to ESF, and i was wondering if it is safe to download this game. Like i dont want anything wierd to happen to my computer.... plz reply cause i really want to play this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. S

    Safe mode

    I was wondering if anybody here could tell me how to take Windows XP out of safe mode. I accidentally put it in safe mode when I restarted my computer and I cant figure it out. Help?
  4. Optimus Prime

    Just when you thought it was safe....

    :O GUESS WHO'S BACK?!?!?! MAGUS!!!!!!11111two BEHOLD HIM... IN ALL HIS RETURNED GLORY!!! <3<3<3
  5. N

    Safe Mode

    Ok i'm having a problem with my Impossible creatures patch it stops at 27% and i get an error. Well I already consulted those boards and it says install the patch in safe mode right....... Well, I can't get safe mode in Windows ME to work. I go to restart and press ok and hold control and the...
  6. L


    Ok new map.... nc_desert screen shots i took the screen shots in valve hammer editor becouse i haven't compilie it yet, im just about to.... and i just hope the fps are ok... well tell me what ya think...
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