1. E

    Ryu's new steamID

    0:0:3531088 a there ya go. please ban this no-talent ass clown from your servers. aka: aimbotter.
  2. L

    FCX Ryu Art *56K'rs Warned*

    Uh C&C?... ^_^
  3. Azn|kid|

    Ryu sig

    hi made a new sig i want to ask you guys if that ryu on the right side looks good? :scared: . c&c
  4. TeKNiK

    Ryu Why not..

    ehh tried to make my brushing a bit different..
  5. Saiga

    Ryu Theme

    Inspired by the vid posted by Pan from Evo 2k4. Also it's kinda related to a fan fic thing I'm writing. What do you guys think?
  6. GhostfaceKillah

    Ryu Sig (the ninja gaiden ryu, NOT streetfighter)

    c/c is welcome but will not be taken into consideration BECAUSE i didnt save the psd :s
  7. S

    Ryu siggy (quick one)

    i made this one in like 10 minutes cuase i was bored as hell.
  8. GotenksOwnz

    Ryu and Ken Sig.

    Ok first i wanna say the bg sucks but this is a test of new style mainly the lines and teckno stuff i tryed to put in it. Comments/Comp/Help is very much welcome.
  9. |Da|K|

    Ryu vs Ken..sig

    watchu guyz fink of meh new sig...?? ryu vs ken :p if u get it
  10. S

    Ryu Animation

    http://www.rol.flagrun.net/files/Untitled.avi This is my own personal model,skin and max scene testing out some basic animation. Hopes you like it :-)
  11. Vegito1180

    Mystic Ryu

    Can I Interview U For My Website E-Mail Me [email protected](Sorry PM Was Full)
  12. TwisteR

    Model Request

    i was wondering could somebody make a piccolo with an animated cape? i just want to know if anybody will at least try it.
  13. S


    Something I drew and I wanted to show :) crits and comments?
  14. E

    Ken (Street Fighter) Model (99.9%)

    Hey, ima n00bie modeler...well been modelign for a 1 1/2 now and i just wanna know what is wrong with my ken model if anything as the modeler usually doesnt see his mistakes right? well he stands at 1420 polys (AGH). heres a pic, if anyone is intereedted i would release a SDK...
  15. Tien

    Ryu vs Ken

    haha another verses thread
  16. R

    chibi trunks alpha

    heya, new model..chibi trunks alpha and render sux but i dont care it is a alpha need to make torso and i didn't tweaked anything well here it is